Liverpool is the UK and Ireland's central gateway and with the opening this year of Liverpool2 and the advent of Post Panamax container shipping the City Region is more connected to global market than ever before.

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Liverpool City Region’s central UK location and highly developed transport and logistics networks gives unrivalled access to over 35 million people and is the closest port to the UK’s main manufacturing markets.

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28% of all large warehousing in the UK is located within the natural hinterland of the port, connecting to the UK market and providing direct global connectivity with a wealth of sites and multimodal facilities.

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Liverpool’s long history as a global maritime centre means that there is large and skilled workforce in the City Region and surrounding catchment area available to service the maritime, logistics and supply chain industries.

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  • “So many of the big container ships come into southern ports such as Southampton and Tilbury. Yet so much of that freight is destined for the north of the country.

    “This new terminal in Liverpool will ensure that freight can come directly to the North of England. That is an active rebalancing of the economy.”

    David Cameron, Prime Minister, June 2014
  • “Superport Liverpool is a fantastic opportunity for Liverpool, firmly putting the city on the map. The city has a rich maritime history and the significant economic growth and job creation that Superport will bring to the city is very welcome.”

    Sir Michael Bibby, Managing Director of Bibby Line Group