The growth in the Port of Liverpool will result in major increases in the volume of freight passing through the City Region. The City Region partners have recognised that transport access to and from the Port by a full range of modes is critical to achieving the economic benefits associated with the growth of the Port. To maximise the economic benefit of this investment the City Region has committed to improve access to the Port of Liverpool by rail, road and water to meet the transport demands of the expanding Port and it was included as an important element of the City Region Deal agreed with Government in 2012.

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The Liverpool City Region (LCR) Port Access Steering Group was established to support the Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership and the delivery of the LCR City Region Deal commitment to address transport access to the Port of Liverpool in support of the wider Superport proposals.

Potential interventions are being considered under four topic based headings, Rail based interventions, Port based interventions, Road based interventions and Community based interventions. A work programme has been developed, identifying potential interventions, timescales and responsibilities. A summary of current progress is available in the October 2015 Progress Update.