Whether it be automotive trade with North America, consumer goods with Asia and the Far East, meat and fruit from South America or textiles from the Indian Subcontinent, Superport Liverpool is a direct entry point into the very centre of the UK and Ireland.

60% of deep-sea containers that arrive in this country are destined to travel North of Birmingham, yet 90% of container cargo is shipped through the Southern ports. Shipping to Liverpool2, the new deep water container terminal at the Port of Liverpool, has the potential not only to rebalance the UK economy but also to save money and increase efficiency through a reduction in journey time.

The City Region is already home to the headquarter of various major maritime organisations such as Maersk, Bibby Group, Cammell Laird, ICL, CMA/CGM and ACL, the latter having recently announced plans to build the first custom-built shipping line headquarters in several decades.

“Superport has the potential to vastly improve the product we offer whilst also helping both us and the customers to reduce our carbon footprint. The less time our freight spends on the roads and railways, the more money we save  through fewer transhipments, longer distances and increased risk of delays.

 Superport will also create new jobs which in turn will aid in regenerating the area, bringing with it increased trade and more business opportunities for the City Region”

Nigel Sutton, NS Shipping

Some of the leading freight forwarders based in the region include: