Atlantic Facing Port

One of the largest, busiest and most diverse ports in the UK, Peel Ports Liverpool sits on both banks of the River Mersey. It’s a port with a long illustrious history… and an exciting future.


Working with the Manchester Ship Canal under a single management team, the Port of Liverpool is the centre of the most impressive shipping network in the UK.

It’s also the home to Liverpool2, a new £300 million deep water container terminal. Due for completion in 2015, it will double the port’s existing container capacity and make it one of the country’s best equipped and connected terminals.

The opening of Liverpool2 and the advent of post-Panamax container shipping in Liverpool will mean the city is more connected with the global market than ever before, and the port is the natural first stop for vessels crossing the Atlantic.

Not only will the Port of Liverpool be able to handle 95% of the world’s container vessels when Liverpool2 opens, its central location and highly developed road and rail networks mean that several of the UK and Ireland’s largest cities are within easy reach.

Maritime Routes

As the natural first port of call for the Americas, close proximity to European hubs such as Rotterdam and Hamburg and its location within the European Union’s Motorways of the Sea initiative, the Port of Liverpool’s location makes it highly competitive for both imports and exports to and from the British Isles.


Liverpool2 is a £300 million deep water terminal that is currently being built adjacent to the Port of Liverpool.

Subsequent to its completion in the final quarter of 2015, Liverpool2 will be able to accommodate two 13,500 TEU vessels at the same time, meaning goods can be shipped directly to the centre of the UK on some of the world’s largest vessels without having to pass through other European ports, which is currently the case.

liverpool 2


Direct sea connections to the North of England can save money, reduce your carbon emissions and relieve the highly congested southern roadways of significant extra traffic.

Liverpool2 will be Europe’s first semi-automated container terminal, employing the latest technology with 8 ZPMC megamax ship-to-shore gantry cranes, 22 ZPMC cantilever rail mounted gantry cranes (CRMGs), 56 Terminal Tractors (IMV’s), 60 shore based trailers and 600 reefer points.

If you’d like to learn more then visit the Liverpool2 website. Alternatively please get in contact with Peel Ports directly:  +44 (0) 151 949 6000  or

Panama Canal Expansion

The Panama Canal is undergoing its first major expansion since work first started in 1904. The expansion is in four parts:

  • Constructing a new set of post-Panamax locks
  • A new Pacific access channel
  • Improvements to the navigation channels
  • Improvements to the water supply


The size of the vessel that is able to transit the canal is at the mercy of the existing locks and the depth of the navigation channels, which can currently hold up to 5,000 TEUs.

When the expansion is complete vessels of up to 13,000 TEUs will be able to pass through the canal, which can easily be accommodated in the double berth terminal at Liverpool2 which, when finished, will be able to accommodate two 13,500 TEU vessels at a time. The operating capacity of the canal will also be increased significantly and thousands of jobs created.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport handled over 4 million passengers in 2014 with flights to over 60 destinations in the UK and across Europe, and is renowned for its relaxed, hassle-free environment and best-in-class performance.

Over £130 million has been invested in the Airport in recent years, helping to grow passenger numbers from circa 450,000 in the mid 1990’s to present levels – an increase of almost tenfold. Ongoing investment in airport facilities to provide an efficient operation and high levels of customer service has helped to firmly establish the Airport not only as a gateway for Merseyside but for the North West and North Wales as a whole.


The role that LJLA now plays in terms of supporting wider economic impacts in the City Region economy reflects the nature of connectivity currently offered by the Airport and its passenger base, and it is for this reason that it forms an integral part of the Superport offer.

“The Airport provides international connectivity creating an important advantage compared to other regions and is a key part of the Superport offer with significant freight handling potential here with 24 hour operations and excellent motorway access.”

Andrew Cornish, CEO Liverpool John Lennon Airport

If you’d like to learn more about how Liverpool John Lennon Airport can help, please contact Mark Povall on 0151 907 1501 or email