The size of vessels that the Port of Liverpool can accommodate is about to change. Subsequent to the opening of Liverpool2 in the final quarter of 2015, the Port of Liverpool will be able to accommodate 95% of container vessels, including neo-Panamax, opening up the possibility of many new shipping routes direct to Superport Liverpool from the Americas.

Superport’s proposition as a Global Logistics Hub will reaffirm the city as a global container port, giving lines the possibility of reducing their costs by shipping closer and taking advantage of Liverpool City Regions’s central location in the UK, avoiding the need to transship to larger feeder ports such as Rotterdam.


The map shows how Liverpool sits as the natural first port of call on transatlantic shipments. All post-Panamax container ships will be able to dock in the new deep-water container port, Liverpool2.

Some of the leading shipping lines based in the region include: