The Liverpool City Region has one of the fastest growing economies in the UK. Superport – working on behalf of the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership – has been identified as one of four main drivers of growth across the City Region, together with Low Carbon, Knowledge and Visitor Economies. Superport sits within the City Region’s wider economic strategy and will play a vital role in the City Region’s economic development. It generates some £1.4bn of GVA per annum, and employs around 34,000 people.


There are a number of regional initiatives with which Superport is working to foster a better environment for the economic development of the City Region. Atlantic Gateway is a project which, like Superport, aims to rebalance the UK economy through attracting investment and working with the Local Enterprise Partnership and other bodies to drive growth in the City Region.

One North is the proposal led by Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle for a North that is better connected, highlighting the importance transport has for sustainable economic growth.


On a national level Superport can help to rebalance the UK economy, tipping the scales gradually away from London and towards the thriving Northern cities, in line with the Northern Powerhouse vision of the Government. Our aim is sustainable economic development based on green principles – shipping your goods directly into the UK cuts time, cost and emissions, all of which help to strive towards a UK that is balanced, but above all profitable.


“Our country is a major trading nation; indeed, when you consider our history, our trading connections both in the European Union and all over the World, our status as the second location of choice for global inward investment after the USA, as well as the global pre-eminence of the City of London, we are THE trading nation on the planet.

“What the UK therefore needs is the infrastructure to consistently back up our status and to allow business to thrive and connect in a globally ferocious wealth-creating environment. There is no free lunch in global business; UK business is absolutely right to take a quotation from Sir Winston Churchill: “Give us the tools and we will finish the job”.

“Give the women and men of UK Business the Superport they need…and watch the jobs being created and the tax-yielding profits grow!”

Digby JonesLord Digby Jones, Former Minister of State for Trade and Investment